LB-30 Unplugged

An Alternative Drive Concept

LB30 - Unplugged and Gord Williamson, Ki CEO and President

LB30 - Unplugged and Gord Williamson, Ki CEO and President

Constructed by Liebherr in Nenzing, Austria, in June 2022, this new battery-powered machine represents the latest technology in electrically powered drilling rigs. The LB-30 Unplugged drilling rig can be connected to a conventional electric supply from grid or powered by battery or generator and battery set without a connection to the power grid, therefore, “unplugged”. When compared to its conventional diesel-powered counterpart, the LB-30 Unplugged has two distinct features/advantages from an environmental and safety perspective: zero emissions and much lower noise levels.

In 2006, Ki International Ltd. was one of the first piling contractors in Alberta to utilize comprehensive lodril equipment. It is now proud to be the first Canadian company to deploy the LB-30 Unplugged as the latest step in its continuous efforts in providing innovative construction solutions with a greener sustainable approach. Rising to meet the changing needs of the industry and the community, Ki International will be using this drilling equipment in several construction projects that involve cast-in-place concrete, shoring, and civil construction. With a proven reputation for excellence, Ki International will continue completing projects safely, on-time, on-budget and with a high-quality finished product.

Features and Performance